Mu Sool Won

The name Mu Sool Won roughly translates to “Korean Military Art”. Nations have always defined themselves by their armies and the wars fought for either conquest or defense. Mu Sool Won is a specialized combative art focusing on reality based effective self defense and strives to take the best military tactics of both ancient and modern Korean martial arts and combine them into one comprehensive course.

Mu Sool Won is a hybrid martial art taking from striking arts, grappling arts and both traditional and modern day systems.The system itself has countless techniques derived from traditional Korean martial arts and is structured to take the practitioner in a logical progression from the beginning all the way up to Master level. Mu Sool Won is a “no frills”, yet diverse system that includes everything from kicking, striking, trapping, locking, throwing, pinning, grappling, stick, knife, and gun disarms as well as traditional weapons and training methods.

Mu Sool Won is not an easy extracurricular activity kids and adults can do for a while for fun. Training in Mu Sool Won develops a high level of physical fitness, commitment to training and self confidence to meet the reality of self defense, as practiced not only by the South Korean Military Forces but Military personal and civilians around the world.

Though this is a self defense based system the values and effectiveness found in traditional martial arts are the foundation upon which this dynamic martial arts system was built and continues to evolve. This makes Mu Sool Won a traditional martial art with a very modern approach!


Monday – Thursday
4:00PM & 6:00PM kids classes
5:00PM & 7:00PM adult classes

Friday Sparring Classes
6:00PM kids – 7:00PM adults

Monday – Friday
8:00PM – 9:30PM BJJ training (adults)

Children and adults are encouraged to try a couple of classes for free.

Please be here 10 minutes early and wear comfortable clothes.

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