FSMAC Instructor Staff


Oct 2015

FSMAC has a dedicated and professional staff of Black Belt Instructors to oversee all classes and instruction. Our friendly and outgoing staff go through detailed Instructor Camps, covering both the curriculum taught in Mu Sool Won as well as how to teach both children and adults. Our school offers:

  • Award Winning Instructor Program
  • State & National Champions Teaching In Every Class
  • Fun & Exciting Youth Programs
  • Reality Based Bully Proofing Drills
  • Fun & Creative Fitness Routines
  • Realistic Adult Self Defense Drills



The owner and founder of FSMAC, Master Joshua White has been practicing and teaching martial arts for over 25 years. Starting at the age of four, Master White has trained in and achieved rank in arts such as Kuk Sool Hapkido, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. Master White is still very active in his own training and still trains and competes regularly in both sport karate and grappling tournaments. A permanent student of martial arts, you can see him running and assisting in every class taught at FSMAC from the newest kids to our seasoned black belts!

  • Over 25 Years of Training in the Martial Arts
  • Chief Instructor and Owner of FSMAC
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kuk Sool Won
  • 5th Degree Black Belt under Grandmaster Byung In Lee in May 2013
  • Over 50 State and National Grand Championship Titles (Forms, Weapons, Fighting)
  • Countless Medals for 1st – 3rd Place
  • World Mu Sool Won Regional Director
  • World Mu Sool Won Certified Master Instructor
  • International Krav Maga Association Black Belt
  • Certified Instructor in Krav Maga
  • Fort Smith Director for the International Krav Maga Federation
  • 2011 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee (Instructor of the Year)
  • Appeared in multiple local magazines and news broadcasts
  • Teaches Military Personnel, Police and Correctional Officers.
  • Also teaches Knife and Gun Defense courses and Women’s Self Defense courses on a regular basis.




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