BJJ Classes




In our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program (BJJ), our Teen and Adult students will learn the worlds leading grappling martial art. Made famous by the Gracie family and by the UFC, BJJ allows the smaller person a significant advantage against larger and stronger opponents. Our BJJ is taught in a fun and safe structured environment, focusing on both real life combat application as well as sport application. BJJ is taught the all over the world to both police and military personal for it’s dominance in close quarter situations and no nonsense mentality. Our program is designed to take our students through the worlds most effective grappling art in a safe and fun way, providing the core principles of ground work as well as practical and hands on self defense. Jiu Jitsu is a renowned system of self defense, providing techniques for the smaller person to survive and overcome an attack by a larger more aggressive opponent by using technique, timing and leverage instead of strength. Our Program Goals for our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program is to educate our students on self defense, break down in detail the fundamentals of grappling, provide our students with a safe environment in which to practice their techniques and to have fun along the way. Our Curriculum Focus is to define our core Jiu Jitsu concepts, become proficient at self defense and define our understanding of Jiu Jitsu style grappling.

Monday – Thursday

8:00 – 9:30

Teens and adults only. You are encouraged to try a couple of classes for free.
Please contact us ahead of time, and be here 10 minutes early in comfortable clothes.

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